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Department of Physics is one of the main section in House of science and technology; its main work is to provide range of experiments from different levels (school and university) through which students can develop the necessary scientific knowledge, understanding and skills for contributing towards a scientific and technological world.

Physics is one of the most fundamental natural sciences. It involves the study of universal laws, and the behaviors and relationships among a wide range of physical phenomena. Through the learning of physics, students will acquire conceptual and procedural knowledge relevant to their daily life. Physic Department’s Provides the student with a broad spectrum of physics courses, emphasize the role of physics in life, develop the ability of the students to conduct, observe, analyzes and report an experiment.

This part of Museum of Science and Technology mainly focuses on 5 branch of physics which are:

  • Mechanic
  • Optics
  • Electric
  • Thermodynamic
  • Magnetism

Beside the experiments, modeling is another work of Physics Department which by that the students can develop the ability to deal with physical models and formulas mathematically which finally it provides the student with different practical, intellectual and transferable skills.



Science Fair

In August 2019, HSTO organized the largest science fair of its kind among 119 teams from 32 schools in Kabul! HSTO gave each grade  (grades 7-12) a challenge on part with their expected knowledge. The response was tremendous! While 2020 was marred by Corona virus, HSTO will host not just science fairs, but also robotics competitions as well.

Teacher Training

In order to build capacity, enthusiasm and skills in the teaching force, HSTO has conducted very compact and extremely impactful trainings in which teachers learn the essentials of teaching skills, class management, curriculum development, practical science, child philosophy, critical thinking and future skill expectations for 300 teachers, 100 schools. 

Association for Afghan Women in Science and Technology (AAWiST)

An Association for Afghan Women in Science and Technology which provides legitimate platform to support Afghan women scientists and Technologist in their professional goals and encourage other women who are interested in pursuing STEM. It also serve as a networking opportunity to meet other accomplished women.


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