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Engineers are a significant source of technological innovation and expertise. They focus their brainpower on solving problems through the application of science and mathematics, discovering new ways to make life better for the general public.
Thus engineering is one of the main section in House of science and technology; its main work is to provide range of experiments from different levels (school and university) through which students can develop the necessary scientific knowledge, understanding and skills for contributing towards a scientific and technological world.
Electronics is a branch of physics as well as part of Engineering concerned with the design of circuits and the study of electrons under a variety of conditions. Electronics engineering also describes the field of Electrical Engineering and the design, function, and utilization of electronic devices and systems.
Electronics enables engineers and inventors to create solutions that tackle the world’s problems and to improve lives. The study of basic electronics technology teaches students how to diagnose, repair, design and create electronics components. Through classroom lectures and hands-on experience, students prepare for work with lasers, fiber optics, robotics, and computer technology. Electronics Department’s provides the student with a broad spectrum of Electronics courses, emphasize the role of Electronics in life, develop the ability of the students to conduct, observe, analyzes and report an experiment.

This part of Museum of Science and Technology mainly focuses on 4 branch of engineering which are:

  • Electronics Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Mechatronics
  • Coding

Other than the Electronics Engineering our Mechanical engineering is a branch of engineering that applies the principles of Mechanics and Materials science for analysis, design, manufacturing, and maintenance of mechanical systems.


  • Prototype mini Rocket (rang 2km)
  • Bomb-Defusing Tank
    This prototype usually in military for defusing different bombs it has the ability to claim the stairs
  • Dancing robot
    It basically preforms different types of dancing such as Atan, National Anthem, Maulana Jalaludin Samaa dance
    It also has the obstacle avoidance ability it means while in motion if the sensors trigger any obstacle the robot will automatically stop.
  • Science Fair:
    In August 2019, HSTO organized the largest science fair of its kind among 119 teams from 23 schools in Kabul! HSTO gave each grade (grades 7 – 12) a challenge on part with their expected knowledge. The response was tremendous! While 2020 was marred by Corona virus, HSTO will host not just science fairs, but also robotics competitions as well.
  • Association for Afghan Women in Science and Technology (AAWiST)

    An Association for Afghan Women in Science and Technology which provides legitimate platform to support Afghan women scientists and Technologist in their professional goals and encourage other women who are interested in pursuing STEM. It also serve as a networking opportunity to meet other accomplished women.

Maker Space of Museum of Science and Technology

Museum of Science & Technology (MST) includes state-of-the-arts science laboratories and a Maker Space. We have expertise in the field of mechanics, electronics, communication, circuitry, forensics, IT, metal and woodwork, software development and science education.
At the Maker Space our engineers engage in tinkering, inventing and experimenting with electronics, robotics, programming, mechanics, etc. Clients come to learn robotics, IOT (Internet Of Things), Programming, electronics, circuitry, get assistance with their school/university projects or to just make stuff.
The Museum of Science & Technology is also capable to create technical laboratories, teach highly technical courses and strategize technical needs for schools, companies and the government.

Future Plan

  • IOT based training in schools and universities level
  • Robotics fight tournament
  • PCB high quality design for mass production
  • Online shop for any Electronics Components and PCB design
  • Providing research environment for engineering students
  • CISCO certification program for IOT
  • IOT based projects
  • 3D Modeling and prototype making

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