Get to know us

Museum of Science & Technology works under the license of House of Science & Technology. It is a not-for-profit organization, registered with the Ministry of Economy. Founded in 2017 and is the first museum of science and technology in Afghanistan that works for the advancement of science and technology. Museum of Science & Technology has state-of-the-art educational laboratories in physics, chemistry, biology and engineering in Afghanistan. 


Museum of Science & Technology is an academic, scientific, technological center and a place for the science and technology enthusiasts. With various projects such as teacher training, robotics and technical courses, journal of science & technology, field trips, science library, science fairs and robotics competitions, state-of-the-art and mobile laboratories, Afghanistan’s Association of Women in Science & Technology and other large and purposeful projects, the Museum of Science and Technology is a drop of water in the parch throat of science in our country.

Our audiences generally are school and college students, teachers and science and technology enthusiasts.

We work with educational institutions, organizations and interested individuals. School and college students as well as science enthusiasts can acquire membership with us for field trips, research and trainings. The Museum of Science & Technology will happily cooperate with convenient conditions with interested parties. Other organizations can also contact us for cooperation, coordination and learning science and technology.

We have activities in six different areas which are Physics,  Chemistry, Biology, Astronomy, Engineering and Technology

In order to build the capacity  and the mindset of the students, Museum of Science and Technology provides scientific trips for school students.

Shop of Museum of Science and Technology provides unique scientific products for the customers.

Meet our team

Museum of Science and Technology includes leadership and executive boards that you can get familiar with .

Rameen.M Javid

Masters from New York University / Princeton University

Husna Amini

Head of Physics Department

Nesar Ahmad

Responsible for Biology department

Sweeta Faizi

Head of Astronomy Department

Ahmad Fawad Andari

Chief Scientist

Fatima Ataiee

Chief Editor

Shabnam Ghaznawi

Communication and Project Manager

Ibrahim Dayani

Senior Engineer

Rohullah Saleh

Head of Engineering Department