Museum of Science and Technology


The mission of the Museum of Science and Technology, which is officially registered as House of Science and Technology with the Ministry of Economy is to promote and encourage Science and Technology in Afghanistan.


Promoting and educating science & technology is the best way to strengthen Afghanistan.


Supporting the advancement of science & technology, teacher training, enriching the science curriculum, providing hands on practical experiments and creating an academic environment for research, practical experiments, raising awareness in science and technology, encouraging young people to learn science & technology and making science and technology part of life are the main objectives of this institution.


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Mursal Hassanizada Teacher

"Today's training was very useful for us, and we have already studied it theoretically in the books, which we have practically done today. And will naturally have better results for us and for our students. Museum of Science and Technology has useful programs and these seminars will be useful in terms of psychology and science, this organization can raise the level of knowledge and awareness of teachers. We did not have any practical training after the university, so I think this is the first center that conducted such seminars to increase the capacity of teachers."

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Abdullah Nazari Teacher

"’ we studied for four years at the University of Parowan, where we did not do any practical work, and today, fortunately, we practiced the lessons we had learned. This center is really great and it made us put the theoretical lessons into practically. Fortunately, our past lessons were repeated today’"

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Setara Akbari Teacher

"Today's we had a great training because we are with little experience teachers. Conducted such this seminars should be more open to teachers. These training should be held after school (in winter vacation) to repeat the exercises and be commonly understood so that we can use this lesson experience in the classroom.Now we can do show the experience practically with simple and basic things to our students in the classroom so that they will remain in their minds. This center is really great and it made us put the theoretical lessons into practically. Fortunately, our past lessons were repeated today."

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Masooma Farahmand Designation

" Aith a little luck you may have produced you're own historical performance to match surrounding splendour competitors have. "

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Ali Rahim Rashidi Teacher

"The programs of today are extremely useful and we are one of the esteemed officials of holding more such programs. In addition to biology training, we received training of psychology and teaching methods. Before we didn't receive like this trainings. But now by receiving this training we can work on the experiences in a practical way, as well as we will transfer this knowledge to the students."